12. My Place in the World

Music and Lyrics by Bob Merrill
from the Broadway-bound musical, THE PRINCE OF GRAND STREET
Book by Bob Merrill
Arranged & Orchestrated by Fred Barton

*Premiere Recording

with Robert Preston in
The Prince of Grand Street

It was Robert Preston’s wife, Katherine, who first told me—in a note written to me while we were on the road with The Prince of Grand Street—that Bob Merrill considered me his muse, a fact Bob later shared with me himself. High praise from a man whose work I had always admired, from his Broadway scores for Funny Girl, Carnival, and others to such standards as “How Much Is That Doggie in the Window” and “If I Knew You Were Coming I’d Have Baked a Cake!”

Bob Merrill was a very complicated and under-recognized contributor to American popular and theater music. As an artist is reflected in his work, I believe this song reflects Bob’s deepest desire: to find a place in the world doing what you most love to do, surrounded by people who care.

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