Music and Lyrics by Bob Merrill
from the Broadway-bound musical, THE PRINCE OF GRAND STREET
Book by Bob Merrill
Arranged & Orchestrated by Fred Barton

*Premiere Recording

with Robert Preston in
The Prince of Grand Street

When I first met and worked with Bob Merrill in 1967, I had no idea that he would have such an impact on my life—or that two and a half decades later I would be the leading lady in his final two shows. Bob wrote this song especially for me, for a show that is not only dear to me but a great favorite of musical theatre afficionados: The Prince of Grand Street, in which I costarred with Robert Preston. (Heartbreakingly for all involved, the show closed after tryouts in Philadelphia and Boston and never made it to Broadway.) I identified deeply with my character of Leah, a young Jewish girl with too much empathy for others, and the score remains my favorite. In fact, this is the score that inspired Walter to call me last February, leading us to this album. So you see, Bob Merrill still watches over me.

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