Music and Lyrics by Herman Yablakoff
Translation by Jacques Levy
from the Off-Broadway musical THE GOLDEN LAND
Created by Zalmen Mlotek and Moishe Rosenfeld
Recorded 3/12/86 at Garden Productions Studio, NYC
Arranged by Zalmen Mlotek
Piano: Michael Larson

The Golden Land

The Golden Land was a marvelous audience pleaser, a sleeper that turned out to be a hit. If you like New York’s 2nd Avenue Deli and what it represents, you would have loved this show. On the cast recording, as in the show, this song is part of a vocal arrangement with countermelodies, but I have always felt it deserved to stand alone because of its place in the musical history of Jewish immigrants at the turn of the century. Shortly before the show closed, I recorded this solo version with our assistant conductor, Michael Larson, at the piano.

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