7. I GO ON

Selden and Berma Small with
Leonard Bernstein

Music by Leonard Bernstein
Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
from MASS
Published by Schirmer Music
Arranged & Orchestrated by Fred Barton

‘I Go On’ was written late in the process of
composing 'Mass.' Lenny had this lovely plaintive little tune, and it seemed to me that in the midst of so many big set pieces, a small personal moment of quiet courage from the central character would be welcome. It has always been one of my ‘secret favorites,’ and I am delighted to have such a beautiful and thoughtfully rendered out-of-context
recording of it.”

Stephen Schwartz

Leonard Bernstein was best man at my parents’ wedding. At the time, Lenny had recently gained fame for taking over as conductor of the New York Philharmonic at a moment’s notice. As his star rose and his life became more and more complicated, he continued to be there for my parents, Selden and Berma Small. This particular song has always resonated with me in a deep and profound way. I was asked to sing it at the funeral of Leon Klinghoffer, a victim of terrorism who was the father of my dear friends Lisa and Ilsa. I also sang it at the “Broadway Sings for Oklahoma City” benefit in Oklahoma, after the bombing there, and at the NYU-Gallatin First Anniversary of 9/11 Ceremony.

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