Behind the Curtain Podcast Interview


"Neva Small has a vocal vitality all her own, and a superb way of interpreting a song and making it sound as if no one else could perform it as well."
- Jeffrey Lyons

" ... a beautiful and beautifully orchestrated recording."
- Stephen Schwartz 

" ... Small's voice is just as big, powerful, and distinctive as ever, and it's nice to be reacquainted with it!"
- Ken Mandelbaum, 
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"the CD is bursting with rare theater songs--many of which have never been recorded before - and will be of great interest to fans of musicals and vocals alike."
- Steven 
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" ... How well she cooks up this baker's dozens of songs. Neva Small continues to possess a real theater voice, and there's no greater compliment than that!"
- Peter Filichia, 
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"This is the best! No one has ever sung it better."
- Kenny Jacobson composer, "Show Me Where the Good Times Are"